La Casona de Llanorrozo is located in an ideal location where you can put into practice hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, boating ...

The must visit for anyone who approaches Cape Vidio Oviņana is an impressive cliff almost 100 m high from which we can see: from the east, Peņas Cape, and by the west, Galicia.

Within its surroundings, beautiful rocky beaches (Cave beach, Peņadoria beach ...) are another interesting place to visit, especially Vallina beach with its windmills and waterfalls. Another attraction of this area is doubtless its gastronomy.

Restaurants within village and its sorrundings you can sample typical dishes of our sea and land: fabada bean stew, seafood (barnacles, spider crabs, velvet swimming crabs, ox-sea crabs, lobsters, large lobsters ...)meats ( Cabrales scallops , steaks ... ), fish (seabass fish, bream fish, sole fish, spike cod fish ...) and desserts (cottage cheese, rice pudding ...).

Just 10 km away you can reach Cudillero, a typical fishing village and council's capital, from where are organized horseback riding, quad biking or seaside promenades. Very close by, in El Pito,you can visit Selgas Palace, former residence of the-Fagalde Selgas family that holds in its interior numerous artworks and exhibits on its outside gardens known as "the Spaniard Versailles ".


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